On May 4 to 5, 2024, EoC will gather in Athens to discuss and share on methods of working with(in) infrastructures under pressure with artists, activists, and cultural workers based in Athens.

The programme is convened by Elke Krasny and Joulia Strauss, and organised as part of the ten-year celebration of Avtonomi Akadimia, durational art work and open grassroots university at the Akadimia Platonos / Plato's Academy in Athens, founded by the artist Joulia Strauss.


May 4, 2024

gathering at PNYX, where Athenians hosted their popular assemblies;
meeting point: “Pnyx Monument“

Qi Gong with Joulia Strauss & Collective reading of texts on Feminist Infrastructural Critique written for the FKW journal

Akadimia Platonos
meeting point: Monastiriou 140, Kolonos 10442

Introduction to the site by Joulia Strauss, artist and founder of Avtonomi Akadimia.

Public Gathering and Sharing – Presentations and Discussions about Infrastructures under Pressure

Short presentations of ways of working with infrastructures under pressure by the EoC group as well as by the following activists, artists, curators, researchers based in Athens: Maria Petinaki, architect, co-founder of Kyklos, Ecofeminist Queer party; Eirini Vlavianou, artist and researcher, professor and faculty member of the Avtonomi Akadimia whose practice evolves around environmental grief, extinction stories, and lamenting practices in the Balkans; Yustyna Kravchuk, translator, writer, music curator, and DJ from Ukraine; Penny Travlou, researcher and educator based in Edinburgh and Athens, whose transdisciplinary research brings together spatial justice, collaborative practices, feminist methodologies, decolonial epistemologies, care politics, and ethnographic praxis; Mouries collective; Myrto Tsilimpounidi, community organizer / lover / co-director of the Feminist Autonomous Centre for research (Athens) and author of Transfeminism International! (pronouns: they/them/any); Alkistis Lara Papadaki, PhD candidate at the Athens School of Fine Arts and member of AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts); Jenny Marketou, interdisciplinary artist, researcher, author, professor at The New School/Parsons New York; Athina Maria Tzioka, co-creator of the organic & natural market Mpostani, artsy, human; Helen Dimos who writes and translates (mostly poetry) while living (mostly) in Athens and seeks to make life together with others through poetry / the political; Marina Siouti, graphic designer (WhatIfDesign), member of Plato’s Academy Assembly and the Assembly of Solidarity.

Participants from the Ecologies of Care group: Urška Jurman, curator and co-founder of the community garden Beyond a Construction Site, Ljubljana; Elke Krasny, feminist theorist, urban researcher and curator; Nada Rosa Schroer, curator, researcher, co-founder of Fluid Circulations – Hydrofeminist Explorations in Postindustrial Landscapes; Daria Bocharnikova, researcher, curator, educator based in Brussels; Gabi Scardi, independent curator; Merve Bedir, architect and founding member of Mutfakمط Workshop (Gaziantep) and Center for Spatial Justice (Istanbul), co-founder/director of Aformal Academy (Shenzhen/Hong Kong); Ines Moreira, curator and researcher at CEAA-ESAP (Portugal), involved with Extreme Sites and INFRA(Structures) of former industrial use; Nkule Mabaso, curator and researcher based in Sweden and South Africa; Sofia Boito, Brazilian feminist artist who works across the disciplines of performance, theater, literature, and music.

May 5, 2024

meeting and lunch at the Filotimo Residency, Filotimou 42, Kypseli 11363

Exchange with the Mouries Collective and Athens-based curators

Mouries Collective is a fluid and interdisciplinary group of female artists, researchers, and therapists based in Athens. Seeking connections with the diverse entities with whom we share this planet, the group is now working under the theme of healing and emerging women’s knowledge, and also refining our collective processes through a framework of care. At this moment the group members are: Isabel Gutierrez Sanchez, Maria Juliana Byck, Sanem Su Avci, Thalia Dimitropoulou, Vasilikí Sifostratoudaki, and Eliana Otta.

gathering at the Muses* Home, Ampati 3, 11741 Filopappou

Collective event by Paula Flores: Quelites is a performance in which the artist sleeps covered in a wool blanket on which plants are growing. For this occasion, the artist will share the experience with people who would like to feel the roots of the plants, the heaviness of the water, and the smell of life. (This event has been organized with the kind support of Room to Bloom, European Alternatives).

The programme is organised as part of the ten-year celebration of Avtonomi Akadimia, durational art work and open grassroots university at the Akadimia Platonos, Athens, founded by the artist Joulia Strauss.

More: http://avtonomi-akadimia.net/programm/